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Dune HD
Dune Smart D1View Dune Smart D1
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Giá: 5,290,000 VNĐ
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 Made in Taiwan, BH 02 Năm

Dune HD Smart D1 là sự tổng hợp bao gồm màn hình hiển thị thong tin , có thể cài đặt thêm ổ cứng Sata 3.5” ở khay bên trong máy. Bên cạnh là :

- 3 cổng USB 2.0 tốc độ cao.

- 1 cổng USB Slave.
- 1 khe cắm thẻ nhớ.
- 1 cổng eSata để cắm các thiết bị ngoại vi.
- Cổng video HDMI 1.3
- Composite và component analog.
- Cổng âm thanh HDMI , cổng cáp quang, RCA Stereo.


Dune HD Smart D1 is an all-in-one solution for up to Full HD (1080p) video playback.
Key Features

* The newest Sigma Designs 8642/8643 media processor: enjoy excellent playback and performance of interactive features.

* HDD player: connect an HDD to the player and play content directly from the HDD.
* Network player: connect the player to a local network and play content directly from PC or NAS (UPnP, SMB, NFS).
* MKV player: play HD and SD video in a popular MKV format and other modern video file formats, including top quality HD video with very high bitrate.
* RealD: watch 3D video in this ultra modern format used in cinema for the latest movies.
* HD audio: enjoy top-quality audio tracks (Dolby True HD, DTS HD Master Audio, LPCM, FLAC).
* 3 USB ports: conveniently connect HDDs, USB flash drives, USB card readers and other USB storage devices.
* eSATA port: connect an HDD via the most efficient eSATA interface.
* Internal HDD option: use an optional 3.5" SATA HDD installed directly inside the player.
* USB slave port: easily and quickly transfer files between the HDD in the player (when installed) and a PC.
* SD card slot: easily play media files on SD memory cards from your camera or other devices, or use an SD memory card as a local or system storage (required for BD Live function).
* HDMI 1.3: ensure the best possible quality of HD video and HD audio.
* A rich set of standard A/V connectors: use S/PDIF optical audio, stereo audio, component video, composite video outputs to easily connect any A/V equipment.
* Flexible support for Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio: output as bitstream or decode to LPCM for flexibility when connecting audio equipment.
* Video output flexibility: output video in any resolution and format (from SD to 1080p, 24p/PAL/NTSC).
* Upscaling: high quality upscaling of DVD and any other SD video content to Full HD (1080p) or other HD resolution.
* File browser: convenient file browser with powerful file management (copy, move, delete, rename, organize, sort).
* The best basis for multi-component Dune HD Smart system: built-in VFD display helps to build the most feature-rich solution.

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