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Smith Rock State ParkView Smith Rock State Park
Smith Rock State Park is one of the pearls of Oregon State. Located on the banks of Crooked River, it spreads over the territory of 615 acres. The incredible park greets its visitors with enormously huge rock spires and stone walls, most of which are comprised of welded tuff and volcanic ash compressed and solidified throughout millions of years, covered with a little bit younger layer of basalt. The beautiful spikes of this “stone cathedrals” rise up in the sky for more than 550 feet. Enjoy the scenery from atop and take in the beauty and majesty of the landscape. Take a virtual tour to the most popular places of the park and watch the climbers who try to conquer the heights!

Name.........: Smith.Rock.State.Park.2017.2160p.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-ULTRAHDCLUB.mp4
Size.........: 10.3 GiB
Duration.....: 1 h 8 min
Resolution...: 3840x2160
Codec........: AVC High@L5.2
Bitrate......: 21.3 Mb/s
Framerate....: 23.976 fps
Bit depth....: 8 bits
Aspect Ratio.: 16:9
Audio........: English AAC LC 256 kb/s @ 2 channels |Musical Score|
Source.......: Vimeo On Demand

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